A thorough process from consultation to completion with your professional garden designer

No matter what size your outdoor space is, undertaking a renovation project can be daunting. From designing the layout, choosing the features, plants and finishing touches, a lot of decisions need to be made to ensure functionality and longevity is achieved. Here at L Brogan Garden Design & Landscapes we can take care of the entire process from start to finish. We work with clients in Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.


The design process, explained from start to finish

Your complimentary initial consultation to begin your dream garden process

Your journey to your new garden begins with a complimentary initial consultation with Lianne. Firstly, we arrange a suitable time to visit your garden and discuss any ideas you may have. We can also give you advice, discuss the process in more detail and explain how we can help you. It can be useful if you are able to provide some photographs or magazine cuttings of gardens you like, as well as plants and garden styles that you like or dislike.  Lianne will always leave you with plenty of ideas and suggestions for ways that we can help you to improve your garden.

If you choose to go ahead and continue with the process, this discussion will then be written up and becomes what is known as the “client brief”. Lianne will send this to you via email or post, along with the fee quotation for approval before commencing any garden design work.

Once you have officially agreed to go ahead the garden design, work will commence.

1. Site analysis and survey

Detailed measurements are taken of the garden boundaries along with any current features to enable Lianne to produce a scaled plan of your existing garden. This will show the house, boundaries, levels and any existing trees large shrubs and other features which then acts as a basis for the design plans. This will include measuring the plot, taking soil samples, and making notes on all the information that will affect the design and planting.  This is always undertaken by Lianne, however for larger complex sites a land surveyor may also be used. Detailed photographic records are also taken and the character and setting of the garden and property assessed.

2. Conceptual plans

We will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the initial ideas gained from examining the original client brief, along with the findings from the site survey and analysis. This meeting will allow Lianne to show you some different conceptual plans and explore all the possible layouts.

3. Visualisations & final master plan

Sketches are drawn by hand or by CAD to illustrate the garden design and features. The final plan is then drawn of your garden design. Before we reach this stage, we will have had many communications together to discuss various versions and ideas. Being involved in the development of your plans enables you to have plenty of time to consider exactly what you want from your garden space. The plan is drawn to scale and will show full details of all hard and soft scaping.

4. Lighting plan

Garden lighting is not just an extra security measure, lighting also creates drama and atmosphere in your evening garden and enables you to use your garden well into the evening and night. We will design a lighting scheme for your garden design that will look beautiful and enhance your garden’s features.

5. Planting plans

The planting plan can be produced from a design drawing layout. It can be created for your full garden or for part of your existing garden. Every plant will be chosen to suit your preferences and of course your garden conditions. It is very important that plants chosen will complement the materials used in the construction of the garden as well as complementing each other. Plants are also chosen for year-round interest and not simply for those few weeks of the British summer. The planting plan is a beautifully drawn detailed scale drawing which shows the Latin name, and quantity of every type of plant so that they can be purchased and planted easily.

6. Technical plans

Detailed construction drawings and setting out plans are produced. Once completed, the plan enables professional contractors to work successfully to build your garden.

7. Cost estimates

Once the detailed layout and materials have been agreed, Lianne will then prepare a full costing for the build from the selected contractors.

8. Construction

If you have requested that we take care of bringing your design to life then that is great, you can sit back and relax while Lianne will source and put together a skilled team of professionals. You can rest easy knowing that Lianne will project manage the whole build for you, monitoring the work throughout ensuring that the finished garden is handed over to you looking exactly the way you had imagined it to be.

9. Plant sourcing

Strong, healthy plants can be sourced on your behalf from our trusted proven suppliers, they are then planted for you, to add the finishing touch to your garden. You can be confident that your new plants will thrive all year round with minimum attention. This is because they have been chosen to suit the garden conditions.

10. Maintenance advice

We always offer you advice along with written guides to help you to keep your garden looking amazing throughout the year. However, if you prefer, Lianne can provide a regular maintenance contractor, tailor made for your garden, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your garden without the work.


Pricing & Packages

It could be as little as a few hundred pounds for a basic plan, right up to several thousand plus for extensive and detailed bespoke plans for sizable and complex gardens. We work with any clients based in Greater Manchester or the surrounding areas. Learn more about getting in touch with our team today.

Package 1

Beautiful hand drawn garden enhancement design – this package includes a planting design plan, to either refresh existing planting or to provide you with a totally new designed look to your beds and borders. This could make your garden more functional, by screening out those unwanted views.

Package 2

Contents of package 1 plus we will produce a beautiful hand drawn concept plan for a design of your ideal garden.

Package 3

Contents of packages 1 and 2, plus full construction drawings and specifications to enable you to pass to your construction team to build yourself.

Package 4

Alongside packages 1-3, we project manage your full build. Including producing all necessary documents to include schedule of works, and tender documents to source the right contractors for your build. We arrange and lead all site meetings with contractors and suppliers and source all materials.

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